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Broadway Baby, 2017

The Complete History of Europe (More or Less)

We are a small group of people that simply love theatre. Imagine the one thing you love the most and can never stop thinking about... Maybe it's that new video game, or cookie-dough ice cream, or your pet piglet. We feel exactly the same way about theatre!

We also come from Malta; an island in the Mediterranean Sea which is as tiny as it is crazy and awesome. Way back in 2011 we created a show called The Complete History of Malta (More or Less) to teach children (and grown-ups if we're being honest) about the exciting and stormy history of our home. Before we knew it, everyone wanted more shows from us.

Now we spend most of our time creating really cool plays for kids of all ages to enjoy. Is it as much fun as it sounds? Yes. Yes, it is.


our awesome projects

Everyone knows that we simply LOVE a crazy idea - the more unique and challenging the better! That's why people are always approaching us with all kinds of fun projects to work on. 

From award-winning shows about shadows and monsters at the national theatre, to epic projects where we create entire imaginary countries with schoolchildren, we're always excited to embark onto the next adventure!

Do you have an important message that you wish to communicate in a totally fun and non-boring way?


water: be the change

It should have been a normal school-day: with a representative from some boring government agency coming to give some boring talk to the children about water.


However the talk is suddenly interrupted by a strange man from the year 3001 - a time when there is only a single drop of water left on earth! By learning some basic good water conservation habits, the audience can change the future. But can they do it in time to save the angry and bewildered head teacher who ended up teleported to 3001?

This show is available to Primary Schools for free thanks to the Energy Water Agency. Shows can be seen either via Microsoft Teams or performed live at your own school.

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europe in green


After decades of messing up the planet and its climate, the grown-ups have finally been nice enough to come up with a plan to fix things - and the European Green Deal aims to have all of Europe operating at net zero emissions by the year 2050. Hooray!

But just hang on a second... The year 2050 is almost thirty years away. Guess who's going to be responsible for following this plan and cleaning up this mess? Yup! The kids in the audience. Thanks for nothing, grown-ups...

Thanks to Agent Strawberry Wolf and sidekick Baby Jeff, the audience members are briefed and trained in preparation for their lifelong mission to save the world!

Europe in Green was first staged at Science in the City, 2021 for the European Commission Malta. A free touring version of the show will be available to primary schools from January 2022.


Thanks to the Culture Pass, four of our educational plays are available for 100% Free School Performances. Here's how it works:

  1. Your teachers choose which show (or shows) they would like to book.

  2. They send us a message and tell us about their preferred performance dates (three options please).

  3. Before you know it, we're performing our show at your school!

  4. Each show comes with a Teacher's Resource Pack and is followed by a Workshop.

  5. Alternatively, our Shows and Workshops can also be experienced via Microsoft Teams.


the complete history of malta (more or less)


A fast-paced, crazy-fun show that tells you everything you need to know about Malta’s wonderful history in a really fun and interactive way while using a large amount of silly wigs, props and even sillier accents!

“A much welcomed presentation that made learning fun.”

Marie Ann Ciantar, Maria Regina College, Mosta Secondary (9/4/19)


Ages: 7-12

Time: 1hr

everything you need to know about science (more or less)

Perfect for kids and curious adults alike, this interactive show incorporates crazy characters and props with live experiments to instill an irresistible curiosity to learn more!

“Fun and dynamic, entertaining and educational at the same time.  Kids enjoy it every single time we host the show.”

Marita Abdilla, St Nicholas College, Rabat Middle School (25/3/19)

Ages: 7-12

Time: 1hr



A fantastical fairy tale for young children that incorporates puppetry with folklore to teach a lesson about friendship and bullying.

“Our children and educators were very impressed with the Babaw performance which tackled bullying. The children absolutely loved it.” Kathleen Psaila, St Theresa College, Lija-Balzan-Iklin Primary (11/3/19)

Ages: 4-8

Time: 50mins


the new neighbour

Twin siblings Mandy and Marco meet their strange new neighbour Bo who comes from the underwater city of Bloob. This gentle story told through puppetry celebrates diversity while also tackling immigration and environmental impact.

Ages: 5-9

Time: 45mins

Culture Pass
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