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This Christmas season, More or Less Theatre brings you Apocalysmas: an Interactive Christmas Comedy for Kids. Hosted by stand-up comedian Malcolm Galea, this show takes the form of an interactive video game where the audience has to work together to save Christmas!

Imagine if your naughty cat accidentally unleashes a dark curse that makes Christmas disappear – and you’re the only kid in the world who remembers it! This is how every show of Apocalysmas begins. However, the ending is entirely up to the audience’s choices. Will you manage to bring Christmas back – or will you ruin it forever?

This show is rated P for Parent Friendly. You can take your parents along and they won’t feel tempted to spend half the time looking at their phone.

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event details

where?       Petit Hall, MFCC, Ta' Qali

when?        26, 27, 28, 30 December

time?         all shows start at 6:15pm

tickets?       available from

price?        €10 each

duration?    just over an hour

ages?        4+

measures?   audiences wear masks and sit in bubbles

fun?           lots

funny?        do you even have to ask?

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